Private Events

Private Event Live Music & Entertainment

Whether you are having a corporate event, college function or private party, English Wolf Music run by David and Julie Connelly, is there from beginning to end to make sure that the your event is problem free. In knowing that everything is taken care of, you can now spendĀ  that quality time with your guests and be a part of the event rather than worry about running it.

English Wolf Music is a full service organization who by working with their associates of some 40 years and in tandem with the your organization, EWM is capable of assembling all the pieces necessary for your event. Whether it be for an intimate birthday party, a college frat party or large corporate function, they can do it all.

With over forty years of event planning experience, David and Julie along with their partners, can supply everything from tents of all sizes, staging of any dimensions and all production needs including lighting and sound reinforcement, drums, amps, keyboards and guitars. Our assistants will also tend to the needs of the entertainers and provide them with all their hospitality needs so that they can relax and prepare for the show. It is in preparation and especially attention to detail that separates EWM from the competition. Combining their experience in the entertainment industry, Julie and David bring to the table a unique mix of talents to make them your choice to handle your event. You can put your trust in them to know that every wish of yours will be taken care of. From beginning to end they will be there with that personal touch so necessary to make your event a complete success.