Julie Grant Seminar’s

Julie Grant’s Story of her Musical Career

In the Summer of 2012, while on a Transatlantic Cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s “Liberty of the Seas” I was asked to do a seminar expounding on my experiences as a pop-star in the 60’s. This was so successful that they asked me to do another session, which was a great success and doubling the audience.

This is now something that I am pursuing as another facet of my long career in the Music Business.

My stories are an inside look at the Stars that I toured and socialized with and many of those relationships still prevail to this day.
I can be seen in the new movie “Charlie is my Darling” which is about the Irish Tour that I was on with “The Rolling Stones” traveling by train in 1967.

Julie would love to talk at your next seminar and we’re sure everyone concerned will be riveted to hear everything about the Stars that most people never get to hear.

Please see a couple of excerpts from the many stories I have to tell:

“I met the Beatles in Blackpool and after one of their shows I invited them back to my apartment to meet my Mom & Dad. Only John & George were able to come but they told me they would be there, but only after George had picked up his new Jaguar. Well it was close to midnight and my Mom said, “they won’t show up, so off you go to bed” well, I’m about to get into bed, when to my delight”

“My Mom traveled everywhere with me and while doing many shows with the Stones, she was very generous with them and used to not mind giving them a few shillings to buy fish & Chips as it seemed they were always broke. One time Mick (Michael) came up to my mom and said “Here you are again Mrs. Grant” and she replied…..”